• Comedian. Husband. Father. Disappointment.

    5'6 230lbs.

    Brandon Davidson is a comedian living in Tyler, TX. Brandon’s comedy is based on his experience as a father, husband and BBQ lover. He's a regular in clubs, casinos and the occasional dive bar across the South. He believes that the movie Roadhouse is criminally underrated. He once used the restroom next to former President Bill Clinton at a movie theater during a showing of Encino Man (starring Pauly Shore). He co-hosts Let Us Be Your Dads, a weekly podcast by Dads about Dads for people that have had Dads. He’s also co-hosted the ComedyBBQ podcast which paired touring comics with tasty barbecue. He’s also a two-time semi-finalist for the Funniest Comic in Texas competition.

  • Upcoming Shows!

    Nov 15 Comedy Arena

    Nov 21 Durant, Ok

    Nov 22 Wichita Falls

    Nov 29 JJ’s Denton, Tx

    Dec 3rd Funniest Comic in Texas

    Dec 6-7 Longview, Tx

    Dec 13 Comedy Arena

    Dec 21 Dallas Comedy House

    Jan 4th 50 First Jokes @ Stomping Ground

    Jan 9th Paris, Tx

    Jan 11th Russellville, AR

    Jan 17th Comedy Arena

    Jan 19th Dallas Comedy House Comedy Brunch

    Jan 24th Comedy Arena

    Jan 30-Feb 1 Tower City Comedy Festival


    April 3 Nomads Fayetteville, Ar

    April 4 Black Apple Crossing Springdale, Ar


    Aug 5 Inn of the Mountian Gods Ruidoso, Nm

    Aug 6 Santa Ana Casino ABQ, Nm

    Aug 7-8 Laffs Tucson

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